Thursday, April 2, 2009

I wasn't going to write anything today. I started to write a little bit during naptime but it just wasn't working. This evening I just surfed through other people's blogs. And I still wasn't inspired to write anything of my own. Then I got ready to head up to bed and watch American Idol. And for some reason, I thought everyone needed to know that I brought a really big piece of chocolate cake up to bed with me. So yummy and really easy to make and even more decadent for having eaten it in bed.

I also carried up a stack of books and thought it would be nice if I could have just sat up all night and read books and then slept all day. Jack and Casey would quickly remind me of the folly of that plan. So the books will wait, but after the cake I finally painted my toenails. And then I ruined them because my feet were really cold and I couldn't wait for them to dry completely before I put my socks back on.

After Idol was over, I watched Make Me a Supermodel, which I don't get and which I thought I would fall asleep to. Instead I ended up watching the whole show and then running downstairs to get the computer and finish a blog entry at ten to 11pm. Because I wanted to tell you about my date last night.

Jack and I took in dinner and a show. We went to see Thomas and Friends as they saved the circus. The plan was to grab dinner somewhere and then head to the show. We were running a little late and we weren't going to have time for a plate of gourmet plain pasta with parmesan cheese. I saw a smoothie place near the auditorium and told Jack we were going to have smoothies for dinner. He was pretty happy with this plan until we were pulling open the door to the smoothie place. "No smoothies! No smoothies! Jack wants to eat at the Thomas store."

So, we made our way into the Center (the Ted Constant Convocation Center to be exact) and immediately had to sideskirt a clown. Thank goodness there were concession stands open. For only $15 we walked away with a huge bin of popcorn, a pretzel, some french fries, a soda and a juice pouch (aka bag of sugar). So much better than smoothies with that healthly fruit stuff in them. When I told Jack he could have popcorn and a pretzel, he literally started jumping up and down at the counter.

The show was fun and Jack thoroughly enjoyed it. However, I think I enjoyed it more. Not necessarily the show - I think I missed some important parts of the plot - but the great time I had with Jack. I don't normally get this sentimental, but I kept getting tears in my eyes about how great Jack was and how excited he was about everything. He was just so good - he sat in his little seat for almost two hours and barely moved. He was not happy with intermission...apparently Thomas should work on his stamina. During the show, he did turn around a couple times and look questioningly at the boy behind him who was kicking his chair. How dare he be so restless and rude when Thomas was obviously having a crisis of confidence in his usefulness?

I love getting to spend time with just Jack. I love hearing what he has to say when I'm not distracted by anything else. I'm gushing a little bit, but he was so good and respectful and enthralled by the whole experience. He could have asked me for any of the expensive toys or t-shirts that they were selling and I probably would have bought them for him. But the best part is that he didn't, and that made it even better. He was pretty happy with a pretzel, his own cup of popcorn and being able to hold his ticket stub and that just made me love him even more. He has been sleeping with that ticket stub in his bed ever since. Awwww.

Also, Thomas eventually proved himself useful and the circus was saved. (Don't ask me what happened in the middle. Sir Topham Hat gets to be a bit much at times. Jack's facial expressions were far more entertaining.)

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  1. That is awesome! Glad you both had such a good time!