Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Little Girl

Someone once told Pat that that the difference between toddler girls and toddler boys is that you can give a girl a toy and she will sit and play with it for half an hour.  If you leave a boy alone for that amount of time, he will have taken the toy and tried to turn it into a pipe bomb.  It kind of seemed like it held true for Jack.  And I so wished it would be true for Casey. 

But...I don't think I have that kind of girl.  The little girl I have just spent half an hour getting up on top of her Diego car, balancing herself and then clapping.  Every time I took her off it, she just laughed and got back on.  Sure, I could have removed the toy from the area, but it was pretty neat to watch her be so independent and proud of herself.  (And I was there to catch her.)  She really is good at balancing herself.  Maybe some tumbling and gymnastics are in order in the future.  Although that won't last for long since it's a pretty sure bet that she'll be taller than 5'2".  

A few days ago, Casey got her first item with princesses on it.  It was a bike helmet, so I think that kind of negated the fact that there are princesses on it.  And I'm not against princesses but I'm going to try to let her decide if she's going to be into them.  I have a feeling she's not going to be much of a girly girl.  First of all, I'm not and wasn't much growing up, despite my reign as Miss International 1997.  And secondly, I have a feeling she's going to be following everything her big brother does.  Only once has he picked out the princess fruit snacks from the rows and rows of themed fruit snacks available at the grocery store. 

I also just took a look at Casey's hair.  It might actually be long enough for a barrette somewhere.  I just heard one of my best friends proclaim her frustration that she can't put her daughter's hair up yet.  As for me, I'm just wondering how long I can go without having to do her hair.  Sure, I want her to look cute and have good hair, but I have a hard enough time using a hair dryer on my own hair for 3 minutes.  But I will do my best with her hair...when the time comes.  Hopefully she won't have any of the ridiculous cowlicks that Jack has.  Like the whole back of his head.  

Recently I have taken to changing her clothes before naptime which I have never done in the past.  When she was an infant, she cried all through the changes, so I did as few as possible.  Then she got into the wiggly stage and it was hard enough to change a diaper let alone clothing.  But then I started to notice that every shirt she owns is stained from food and drool and whatnot.  And then Casey started to walk and play outside and get really dirty.  And then she got a fabulous new spring wardrobe.  And finally, she's now cooperative on the changing table.  I'm determined that she be cute and clean and mostly stain-free so I have put a little more effort into making that happen.     

Of course, she's barely turned one.  There's a whole lot of personality getting ready to burst out of her...who knows where this is really going.  And don't get me wrong - I'm okay with a girly girl.  In fact, I just bought her a bunch of really cute dresses for the summer.  But I have a feeling that there are going to be a lot of skinned knees to go with them.   

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  1. I am so the same way with the Princess stuff. Emmy has a few "girly" items, but prefers to name off construction vehicles, play with her trains, and catch, although she does love her baby stroller. I, too, am letting her decide.

    Her clothes are all a mess too, but I am not that motivated - in an outfit until bed.

    And, have you seen her hair? It's all I can do to remember to brush it, so goodness knows I am not looking forward to doing much else with it!