Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Tuesday

I thought we would dye some eggs on Easter.  I know most people usually do it before Easter but I figured we would have some spare time on Easter to do that.  But Jack was so mesmerized by all his new Easter gear (read sandbox) that we didn't get to the eggs.  

They were all boiled and ready to go...just sitting in the fridge.

Today we had a little afternoon lull, so I asked Jack if he wanted to dye eggs.  "Yup I do.  Let's do it Mommy!" was the eager response I got.  

We started with dropping the color tablets into the vinegar.  The first cup got two tablets...and then he figured out one tablet per cup.  I only had 4 cups set out anyway.

I put the first couple eggs in and then let him drop one.  Maybe he held it up a little high and I heard a slight cracking as he dropped it, but he had fun doing it.  

We got all the eggs dyed and we were waiting for them to dry to put stickers on.  I had to redirect my attention to making dinner and just let Jack do what he wanted.  

I love it when he totally entertains himself and doesn't even remember that I'm there.  It doesn't happen very often, but when it does I am so impressed.  I love to see his creativity and what his little mind leads him to do.  He was so content playing with those eggs.  He dropped them in and out of the different colors and just completely enjoyed the experience.  I thought the results were impressive.  I can't remember the last time I dyed an egg but my 2 1/2 year old made some pretty cool eggs. 

I'm pretty much a rule follower.  I like to stay in the crosswalk when crossing the street and read & follow all rules posted on signs.  But I try not to tell my kids how to play with a toy the "right" way.  I like to let them figure out how they want to play with things.  Obviously there are exceptions to this and I do provide guidance.  But the most amazing thing for me is to see their imaginations at work. 

I would never have re-dipped those eggs into the colors the way Jack did.  But I love that he did and I love the result.

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