Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tired Thursday Night

No more blogging late at night like last night. I finished it way too late and then I couldn't fall asleep. I was a wee bit tired today. I still had my patience, thank goodness. Actually I did yell at Jack once, but it was because he bit me. I would have yelled anyway. I'm not a big fan of when my kids hurt me, even if it is accidental.

Things that happen when I'm tired -
- I spilled a cup of milk that was sitting in the fridge. It spilled all down the front of the fridge and dripped into the bottom drawer and got all over the fruit. That was a lot of fun to clean up.
- 10 minutes later, before I even had it all cleaned up, I dropped a spoon covered in pizza sauce on the floor. Tugger helped out with the clean up there.
- I went to the gym and was really wishing there was a nap room that I could go to. Instead I sat on the bicycle and put it at the lowest level possible and read Cosmo.

Jack said some funny things today but for the life of me, I can't remember them.

While we were playing outside today, I took the opportunity to clean out the car, which inevitably attracts the kids. They were climbing around in the car while I was cleaning it. I forgot that there was an open cup of root beer sitting in the cup holder until I saw Casey holding the almost empty cup. I grabbed a towel and started cleaning up the mess, hoping it didn't get on anything vital, and wondering why there wasn't more of a mess. Maybe there was just less in the cup than I had thought. I got it all cleaned up and then I looked at Casey. She was soaked through her clothes in root beer. Ohhh, that's why it wasn't all over the car. She apparently took the cup and tried to drink it and instead just spilled it all over herself. She wasn't at all phased by it though and just continued playing.

I should go to sleep early tonight, but for a little thing called the ER Season Finale. 15 years ago, I spent Thursday nights writing my "insight" for English class, hopefully finishing it by the time ER came on and then being transported to the ER. There were always a few tears by the did they do that every week? I'm sure there will be a few more tonight.


  1. Girl, I know. I DVR'd it, so don't give anything away! I don't even watch it anymore, but of course, as a nurse, in college was an avid devotee. I will be a blubbering mess, trust me!

  2. I've done soooo many dumb things when I'm tired- the worst would be when I forget to strap my daughter into her carseat! Luckily, she always reminds me before we get out of the neighborhood. PHEW.