Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thank you to Jack for calling me back up to his bedroom five minutes after I put him to bed.  I didn't think I had much of a story and then he gave me one.  He wanted me to sing him another song and then chat about his adventure at the beach today.

He was playing at the edge of the cold, cold water while Pat was playing fetch in the water with Tugger and I was trying to keep Casey from getting any wetter than she already was.  (As if two kids didn't already require a truckful of beach paraphernalia and at least 4 hands, we added an extra element of difficulty by bringing the crazy Boxer dog.)  At one point, the water knocked Jack off balance.  All I could do was watch, while he got knocked one way, tried to get up, got knocked another way, tried to get up and then took a little mouthful of seawater.  I kept thinking he was going to catch his balance and be fine.  Pat got to him and brought him up to the beach and he started getting hysterical...until we went and rescued his shovel too.  The crying stopped almost automatically.  The only problem seemed to be that he was now shivering uncontrollably.  I went and got a towel and wrapped him up like a little cocoon.  He went to sit down and basically just fell on his face because his arms were all wrapped up too.  Our little weeble did fall down.  I set him up right and he was fine.

Until we started talking about it a few minutes ago.  He started talking about how he almost lost his shovel and he got very upset again and tears started streaming down his face.  I had to reassure him that we saved his shovel and we could play with it whenever he wanted.  And then he went to sleep.  Well, not really but that would be the better end of the story.  In all honesty, he's over tired and keeps asking me to come sing songs, but I am refusing so he is crying up there but I imagine he'll pass out in a few minutes.  He obviously doesn't know I have a set of vampire books that are requiring my attention right now.  And that obsession is a post for another time.

Overall, it was a beautiful day in rides, lawn mowing, grocery store, flower sales, the beach, running into old friends, Target, and Home Depot all topped off by burgers and potato salad for dinner.  And Jack went on every one of those adventures, so no wonder he's a bit tired.  Our day couldn't really get much better than that.  Well, I guess we could have taken in a yard sale or two, but there is plenty of summer left for that.            

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