Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Eve

The really cute Easter dress is ironed, the shoes that go with them are nearby with hope that they fit, the eggs are hidden and the Easter bunny is asleep in his bed.  Actually, I think he was a "cooker" just before he went to sleep.  But then he was crying from his bedroom because he wanted his "ears" so he could be the Easter bunny.

We went to the Chesapeake "Eggstravaganza" today at the city park.  There were a lot of people and there were not quite as many bouncy houses, pony rides or train rides to prevent long lines.  Jack enjoyed a few minutes in the bouncy house and then we went over to stand in line for the train.  It was getting close to egg hunt time and people were leaving the line to wait for the egg hunt to begin.  Pat decided that Jack would enjoy the train ride more than the egg hunt, so we held our ground.  Had it been only me, I probably would have caved in to peer pressure and joined the throngs of people waiting to run into the field and find candy.  As it was, the train took us right over to the egg hunt and dropped us off.  Unfortunately, it only takes 2 minutes for all of the candy to be found and put into Easter baskets and we were about 5 minutes late.  We walked the whole field and found not a single piece.  Some nice little girl came running over to Jack and gave him a couple of pieces and he never knew that at one time the whole field was covered with candy.  He was pretty happy with just 2 pieces and even gave away one of them to his friend Emily.

While we were at the park, we got some bunny ears and Jack was very proud to wear them and hop around in them.  Except when I wanted to get a picture.  He wore them while we played outside this afternoon and he was pretty funny.  He hopped, he pretended to eat grass and carrots and he tried to twitch his nose, all while calling himself the Easter Bunny.  If I called him Jack, he said, "No!  Not Jack.  Easter Bunny!"  

After naptime, Jack said something that made me laugh and I said, "You're so cute."  In response, he said, "No, not cute.  Jack's funny!"  

Casey had a pretty good time today too.  Her current hobby is running away to wherever she can get.  She just wants to show how well she can walk now but she hasn't quite learned any sense of boundaries.  Tonight, she also learned how to blow bubbles in the water with her mouth.  A pretty good skill to add to her repertoire.


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  1. We had a great time today. Train ride was TOTALLY worth it! And your son is the BEST share-r EVER! Thanks so much, lunch was fun, too!