Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Words of Encouragement

I think it's time to make a few changes around here.  Like Jack should be putting his own toys away.  The problem is that I know it only takes me 5 minutes and then it's done and I don't have to deal with whining child.  I might even encourage him in his endeavors the way he encouraged me today.

For some reason, Jack likes when I vacuum.  He gets kind of crazy and runs around jumping on furniture and singing.  And now, he actually asks me to vacuum.  Maybe he has some innate sense that the carpet is dirty and it's time to vacuum...or maybe he just wants to jump on furniture.  Either way, I usually oblige because it's likely time to vacuum.  

Today I told him that we couldn't vacuum until we picked up some of the toys and got them out of the way.  I tried to get him to help me, figuring if he wanted me to vacuum so much then he would help clean up.  I started picking up a few toys and he went and sat on the chair.  I asked him to help me again and he responded with, "Good job, Mommy...Way to go Mommy...It looks good Mommy...Good job Mommy!"

And because it was so darn cute and frankly, I appreciated the encouragement, I finished picking up the toys and then went on to suck up all the dirt and dog hair.     

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