Sunday, May 3, 2009

Jack has been pretty funny all week and Casey is obsessed with shoes.  And I'm a slacker for not writing all of this down earlier.  

I never cease to be amazed at the new things coming out of Jack's mouth and how much his language improves every day.  Today he was running around saying, "Aye aye Captain!" and saluting, mixed in with a little, "Aargh matey.  Walk the plank!"  It is also amazing where he picks up many of the things he says.  He just seems to absorb all the words in the books we read every night and also comes up with a bunch of phrases from the shows he watches.  His current favorite shows are Caillou, The Wiggles and Thomas the Train.

Casey usually likes me to hold her for a few minutes after her nap.  Unless she spies a pair of shoes somewhere and then I have to let her down so she can go get them and bring them to me.  Then she usually finds Jack's Crocs and tries to put those on too.  Or any other pair of shoes that she sees.  Then she gets very frustrated because she can't get them on.  It's getting a little frustrating for me at this point.

The Nuk-Man came and got Jack's pacifiers on Friday night.  He was kind to leave a present for Jack - it's a floor mat with a town drawn on it and some new cars.  Jack can drive his cars around and be creative and imaginative.  Jack is a big fan of the present but, so far, not a big fan of his naps anymore.  And this morning he was up at 5:40 and did not go back to sleep.  Hopefully he figures out how to put himself back to sleep without a pacifier soon.  Today I gave him a bigger pillow...maybe that will help.  Maybe it's wishful thinking.

I've also been fighting a battle against sand that seems to be never-ending.  It's like we have a beach in the backyard now that we have a sandbox.  It always gets in Casey's shoes.  Then on her changing table and then into her bed.  I've changed sheets, changing pads, and shoes way too many times this week.  My new strategy is to set her up on the counter and put her feet right in the sink and rinse her off.  

And that's enough randomness for tonight.       

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