Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dog Days

The dog has been barking all day.  If I had a nickel for every Woof! that came out of his mouth today, I would be able to send him to a kennel and not have to listen to it anymore.  

Except for the fact that the dog is actually Jack and I don't think I can send him to a kennel.  He says, "Woof woof" and I have to say, "Be quiet, dog."  But the dog does not become quiet.  He just continues to "bark" and I have to repeat myself.  If you ask Jack what makes the dog stop barking, he says you have to yell "Be quiet, dog!"  Even that doesn't always work.  

Yesterday, I bought some Scooby snacks at the grocery store because I thought Casey would like them.  She was at a birthday party about a month ago and she "woofed" them down.  Now she won't touch them.  Instead the dog keeps doing tricks to get more treats.  The dog asks to be put in the crate and asks for treats.  The dog pretends to play fetch and then asks for treats.  We can't even put the treats in the cupboard for fear that the dog might "need" one.

It was cute at first.  Now I prefer my real dog, who doesn't really bark all that much.  She is happy with table scraps (compliments of Casey) and doesn't know how to ask for treats.

During some of his off-time from being a dog, Jack was playing hockey.  Pat went out to the store to get something and asked Jack if he needed anything at the store.  In a very matter of fact voice, Jack said, "I do need some new pillows."  His little high pitched voice makes it even funnier but that's hard to capture in print.  It's a lot of fun to ask Jack what he needs at the store.  Sometimes it's toys...sometimes it's pillows.


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  1. Emmy won't touch them anymore either! Also, one of my tricks to get her to eat is to say, "here good puppy, come get your treat!" Then she wants me to pet her and at least one more bite goes down!

    BTW, did you tell Pat there were 3 birds in my dryer?!? Crazy!