Sunday, May 17, 2009

Strawberry Sunday

Today we're having a lazy Sunday morning.  It's raining, or about to, and Jack asked to watch a movie.  Actually, he said, "I want to watch a couple of movies."  And thankfully, he asked to watch Nemo instead of Cars.  I just have to fast forward through commercials since we recorded it on the DVR.  If he can get through one movie, I'll be impressed.

But last Sunday on Mother's Day, I took a few pictures of the festivities and then never got a post written.  So, here it is, just a week late.

I wanted to go strawberry picking sometime this month but knew that I couldn't go by myself with both of the kids.  I thought maybe we could all go as a family.  And then I thought about it a little more...Jack would be ripping anything even slightly red off the strawberry bushes and Casey would be running down the rows and stepping on strawberries.  We would need one person to pick and two more to chase Jack and Casey.  

Before Mother's Day came, Pat asked me about 5 times what I wanted to do.  Finally I figured that Sunday would be a good time to go strawberry myself.  Actually, with my mom who was in town.  

So, just before naptime last Sunday, Mum and I headed over to pick strawberries.  Apparently this was a pretty popular Mother's Day event and there were a lot of people in the field.  There weren't too many berries to be picked without a bit of searching, but we finally picked through a row and called it good.  They opened early for Mother's Day and we probably should have been there when they opened to get the good ones.

~Oh, I understand now how we are going to watch a "couple" movies.  Jack's plan is just to watch about 20 minutes and then ask for a new movie.  We've moved on to the Lion King.  Hakuna Matata.~

Now to make strawberry pie and strawberry jam...


These are my strawberries all chopped up to make jam.  It made 2 cups of refrigerator jam.  I thought Jack would go through it in a couple of weeks.  However, after about a year of eating PB&J almost every day for lunch, he's decided it's time to take a break.  Figures.

At one point, I actually said, "I'm surrounded by delicious, fresh fruit."  And then I had to take a picture of it.  This picture reminds me that I haven't done anything with those key limes.  They're just hanging out in the fridge.

The pie crust that Mum made for the strawberry pie.  And then we forgot to take a picture of the finished product.  Rest assured, it was delicious. 

Add a little shopping trip to Marshalls, some takeout from Smokey Bones and it was a pretty good Mother's Day.  Oh, and my Mother's Day gift was a trailer that I can pull behind my bike with both kids in it.  Now I can take them to the playground if it ever stops raining.

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