Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great Memorial Day Weekend, but I am mad at myself for not having a camera with me every where we went.  They were many, many photo-worthy moments and sadly, I forgot the camera.  Luckily, I still have my words.

Saturday -
We went to a Strawberry Festival in Virginia Beach.  After parking in a field, we just kind of followed a large crowd of people and ended up walking down a street packed with vendors of every different kind.  If you wanted any kind of fried food, it was there.  Fried Snickers???  I've never heard of it, but they were there.  At one point, I was waiting in line for a lemonade and a lady came up behind me.  I then heard her tell someone that all they had was "fried" food.  I'm not really sure what she expected at the concession stand in the middle of a carnival.  

We ambled down the street trying to process all the wares being sold and pointing out things to Jack.  Pat packed the wagon into the van for the kids and Casey enjoyed her ride.  It also came in handy when we were eating lunch and needed somewhere to set all of our fried items.  Anyway, there were almost too many things to look at and I could never have made a decision on whether I wanted to buy something without looking at the hundred other vendors first.  So we (I) just glanced at things as we passed.

Finally, we found ourselves at the end, having passed all the entrepreneurs, the carnival rides and the grandstand.  On the left was the 4-H/livestock area.  But on the right...mecca.  It was a static display of tanks, trucks, Coast guard boats, fire trucks, army trucks and more.  Jack loved it.  He was climbing through the tanks like he drove one in the Gulf War.  His favorite though, was the Coast Guard boat.  He probably spent a good hour on there, pretending to be a pirate and handing out treasure.  He also had a great view of the parade going by so he just made himself at home.  Pat is ready to send him to Coast Guard boot camp.  He loved watching the bands go by and played his pretend trumpet a lot.  Pat however, is not sending him to music camp any time soon.  As for Casey, she enjoyed trying to run to the opposite side of the street no matter which side she was on, and trying to climb up the ramps into the assault vehicles.

We met up with a friend and her two sons and headed to the carnival rides.  I didn't think Jack would want to go on them by himself, but he did it and he had a great time.  I rode the Dumbo ride with him and didn't even get queasy.  That might be my limit though.

Overall, it was a great but long day.  Casey didn't get her morning nap, but she was a trooper.  On the way home, I fed them fresh strawberries and Casey's shirt will never be the same.  But she certainly enjoyed her strawberries.  

Sunday - 
I took the kids for a bike ride on Sunday morning thinking Jack would enjoy a playground near some water.  On the way there, he informed me he wanted to go the "field playground."  It's a playground in the next community and there is a little trail to an open field nearby.  I never cease to be amazed at what he remembers and how he classifies things.  Anyway, I'm glad we ended up going there because it was so quiet and peaceful under a huge canopy of trees and we had a great time playing.  Once again, I should have had my camera.  

On Sunday afternoon, we met friends at a Norfolk Tides baseball game.  The highlight of the game was when Pat caught a foul ball using a handful of soft pretzels as a glove.  It was a pretty impressive catch even though I didn't see all of it because I was hunched over trying to protect myself from this ball.  Pat gave the ball to Jack and he said, "I have a new ball!" every 5 minutes or so.  He's upstairs sleeping with this ball in his bed as I write.  Casey really enjoyed having a cupholder for her sippy cup and one for her french fries.  She was really good at the game, which impressed me, considering she remained in one place for about an hour and a half. 

Monday - 
Monday was not quite as exciting as the other two days and this post is getting long so I'll condense a little.  Pat took the kids to Virginia Beach in the morning...Casey came home with sand in her ears.  Apparently she used her head to plow the sand.  We then went on a shopping excursion - a couple of furniture stores looking for a new headboard and Home Depot for flowers and tomato plants.  

Later, we went to dinner at Applebee's.  As we were leaving, it started pouring.  We sprinted to the car with the kids and we were still soaked.  After Jack was in his carseat, he said, "Thank you for carrying me Daddy.  You rescued me!"  A great line from Jack to end the weekend.

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