Monday, May 4, 2009

The Not Me's

About 7 weeks ago, I started reading MckMama's blog, "my charming kids," when another blog I read (Kelly's Korner) was asking for prayers for MckMama's son Stellan.  Her son was in the hospital until about a week ago and she continued to blog the whole time, sharing Stellan's story with the world.  Now that she is back home, she is getting back to a weekly blog entry titled "Not Me! Monday" where readers link with her blog and share all the things that "didn't" happen to them over the last week or so.  This is the first time I've posted my "not me" items since she didn't do them during Stellan's hospital stay and I didn't start reading her blog until then.  

We actually have a little family joke about the "Not Me's" as they were responsible for a lot of havoc in our house as we were growing up.  Mum would ask whose turn it was to do the dishes or who had left the juice out on the counter or who was going to hang the laundry out.  Most likely, the responses she would hear would be a "Not me!" from me, and "Not me!" from Jenn, and sometimes even a "Not me!" from Dad.  And hence the "Not me's" became responsible for a lot of things not done, not done right or not wanting to be done in our household.

Anyway, in keeping with Not Me! Mondays, these things did NOT happen around here recently.

- I did NOT take 2 dogs for a walk today around the neighborhood.  One of those dogs was NOT my son and he was NOT wearing an actual leash around his neck or yelling "Woof!  Woof!" the whole time.

- I was NOT disappointed that Jack only watched 2 episodes of The Wiggles after a 5:40 am wakeup call.  I did NOT want him to watch a little more TV so I could snooze for a little bit longer.  I did NOT slightly regret taking the pacifiers away permanently, since he would have slept longer or watched TV longer had he still had the beloved nuks.  

- I did NOT ignore the fact that Casey was possibly eating dog food so that I could get some real food ready in the peace and quiet that that may have given me.

- I did NOT accidentally delete last week's episode of 24 and then play dumb about it to my husband when we were looking to watch it at a later time.

And that's all I'm coming up with for now.  Writing this has taken a little longer than normal, but I now feel like a real blogger because I've added html (to get that image at the top) and I've linked myself to someone else's blog.  Of course, MckMama's blog has got to be one of the most read blogs on the internet and I'm one of 750 or so others who have has written a "Not Me!" Monday blog entry.   


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  1. Thanks for a much needed laugh! Girl, I am so with you! The dog food thing made me seriously laugh out loud, because that is sooo me! And I have totally been there with the DVR as well.