Monday, March 16, 2009

I don't know if I have any faithful readers who are waiting with baited breath for my next post, but if so, then I apologize for the blog-less week.  I got away for a shopping weekend with friends last weekend and then we had Pat's mom stay with us for the week.  

Casey is now a walking machine.  Now that she has pretty much figured out walking, she has added a new level of difficulty to it.  She is very proud of herself for being able to walk around while holding things.  And not just small things.  She likes to take huge boxes of blocks and walk around with them.  Now there are bibs in the living room, cars in the kitchen and blocks just about everywhere.  

I feel like Jack has gone from speaking 5 word sentences to paragraphs in a couple of weeks.  I now feel like I can have an actual conversation with him and it is so interesting.  I love to hear what comes out of his mouth.  A few days ago he didn't nap and as bedtime approached, he just got more crazy and random.  As I read him his stories, he interrupted on every page to point out something or ask a question.  Finally I got through the stories and the songs and he just wanted to talk.  He picked up each of his dolls and animals and told me what color eyes they had.  He asked me what color Elmo's eyes were, which was kind of a tough or white?  Then he wanted to talk about the stars - "The stars are really high...Jack no reach them... Daddy no reach them...Mommy no reach them...No man reach the stars...Daddy's a man...Pop Pop's a man...Grampie's a man."  Now that he's figuring all these things out, he just goes on and on.  But it's really cute.



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