Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh Dear

Last week while Jack's Nana was here, I was kind of half listening while they were coloring with the crayons.  I heard him say, "Oh dear" a couple times and just figured that he had broken a couple of them.  Apparently, the first time he broke one of his crayons, I responded with "Oh dear" and that kind of stuck in his head.  

A few days ago, I got the crayons down for him to color and he proceeded to dump the whole cup of crayons on the table.  Then he picked up a broken one and said, "This one's Oh Dear."  And then he picked up each broken crayon and proclaimed it as an "oh dear" one.  "This one's oh dear...this one's oh dear...put all the oh dear ones over here Mommy."  

I'm afraid to say "Oh dear" with regards to anything but broken crayons for fear of rocking his little syntactic world.  All broken crayons will remain "oh dear" crayons until further notice.  

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