Monday, March 30, 2009

Starting the Day Off Right

For some reason, I didn't learn my lesson last Easter.  Giving Jack chocolate for breakfast is still not a good idea.  

He keeps asking for a breakfast snack in the mornings.  One of his incentives to nap is that he gets a package of fruit snacks.  These are his "afternoon snacks" so apparently he thinks that after he sleeps for a whole night, he should get a "breakfast snack."  Sometimes I can convince him that breakfast itself is the snack.  Other times I find something little and healthy that he can eat before he has some breakfast.  

I don't even know if the chocolate graham crackers were his idea or mine.  But I read the back of the box and figured why not.  The sugar wasn't exorbitant.  I think they may have even had some whole grain in them.  

After the breakfast of chocolate graham crackers we went grocery shopping at the commissary.  I actually don't mind taking the kids long as we get the cart with two steering wheels so they can each have one.  But Jack has been walking more than riding lately so I haven't had to try to stop Casey from touching Jack's steering wheel or stop him from pushing her away in return.  

Today as he was walking, it was apparently his personal mission to be in the way of the cart each time I had to turn a corner.  And this is not just any cart that I'm trying to turn corners's a race car, or a train, or a truck (depending on the day) with a little extra length and a little less manueverability.  And from then on, he just seems to have lost his ability to listen or do anything that closely resembles what I have asked him to do.  Nothing too egregious.  Just enough to start wondering why he's a bit "off" today.  

I thought it might be the lack of napping over the weekend, but I think he made up for it last night.  Hmmm...maybe it's the chocolate graham cracker breakfast.  And then I remembered the last time he had chocolate for breakfast, last Easter.  I don't even remember all the details, but our lovely Easter dinner out was probably the worst dining out experience that we've had with the kids.  Because there really wasn't a lot of sugar involved this morning, I don't think it's the sugar per say, but the actual chocolate.  So, lesson learned...twice.

As for Casey, she enjoys throwing her pacifier out of her carseat where I can't reach it and then crying about it.  Sometimes I have other pacifiers ready to hand back to her, but I think she's ready to figure out how to ride in the car without constantly having a pacifier.  So I dealt with a little bit of crying.  And right now, I really hope she goes back to sleep because the nap she just took was way too short!  

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