Thursday, March 19, 2009

Found Them!

About an hour after I left Jack crying in his room without his beloved sunglasses, I found them in the garage on a shelf.  I had looked there earlier, but apparently not well enough.  When I came in from the garage he was yelling for me and still wanted his sunglasses.  I thought he had fallen asleep.  When I went up to his room, it was obvious he had been hard at work in there.  Every single stuffed animal that he owned was now on his bed.  It was like he was trying to make up for the lack of sunglasses with animals.  But nothing could substitute for them.  Poor kid.  I'm glad I found the sunglasses so he could finally sleep.  

Except now I have to sneak all those animals back into the toybox again so he has room to sleep.  Today he fell off his bed during the middle of his nap because the animals were taking up too much space.  First time he's fallen of his little Cars toddler bed since we got it for him.  It scared the crap out of me because it was such a loud thud.  I think I was up the stairs before he even got the words Mommy out of his mouth.  I'm glad he wasn't hurt but even more glad he went back to sleep, unlike his sister's poor napping today.

Casey deserves a little blog time too, but my popcorn is beeping incessantly in the microwave so I'll write about her tomorrow.  And I'll get a pic of Jack in his sunglasses too!   

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