Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Sunglasses

When I went away last weekend, I made sure to bring a few things home for everyone else.  Pat got some shorts that I'm not sure he likes and Casey got a lot of really, really cute outfits, mostly green for some reason.  I thought I was doing pretty well when I found Jack a pair of sunglasses at Old Navy and a brightly colored soccer ball that caught my eye as I was waiting in line.  I even got him the big one.  I thought it was a pretty good gift since Tugger turned the old soccer ball into a chew toy and it is now sitting, deflated and chewed up, in the mud pit that is our backyard after 4 days of rain. 

I was pretty excited to give Jack his gifts because he's at a great age for it.  He's pretty happy with anything he gets except for clothes.  (Although, I did get him a matching green shirt to go with Casey's green & turqoise polka-dotted Easter dress.)  I gave him the sunglasses first, thinking they would be the build-up to the soccer ball.  He really liked both of them, but I completely underestimated the obsession with the sunglasses.  

I love who he becomes when he puts them on.  He looks pretty cool with them, but it's more that he knows he looks cool and he kind of gets a little swagger.  These sunglasses now go everywhere with him.  They have essentially become his lovey.  He takes them to bed every night.  He likes to know where they are at all times.  I've kind of had a reprieve from them for the last few days because of the ark-worthy rainfall we were having.  They stayed in his bed and therefore were there when it was bedtime.  However, the sun came back out today and he was pretty excited to wear his sunglasses outside again.  
Only this afternoon, I forgot to keep an eye on them.  He takes pretty good care of them and tries to put them somewhere "safe" when he's not using them but he's still only two and doesn't remember where he puts them all the time.  About five minutes after I put him to bed, he started to cry and I ran through the list of things that he might "need" up there...he had his blankets, his animals, two diggers and a dump truck, and his nuks.  Then I heard what he was saying - "Jack needs sunglasses!"  And I had no idea where they were.  I looked around and tried to find them, but no luck.  I tried to substitute a pair of Daddy's sunglasses...not working.  Finally I just had to tell him that I would look for them while he slept and I left him crying in his room.  And so the search begins...

Oh and the day after I got home, Tugger got her paws into Jack's new soccer ball and it also joined the remnants of his first ball and is sitting in the backyard.  He was upset, but got over it pretty quickly.  Nothing like if we don't find these sunglasses. 

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  1. Oh, good luck! Post a pic of him wearing them if you find them! Fingers crossed...