Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday's Follies

Today I kind of felt like I was a visitor in my own home, kind of wondering who these kids were and why they were doing anything that they did. It was a pretty humorous but long day. Pat is on a business trip for the week, Casey's had a runny nose that has kept us away from the gym and it was a chilly, windy day so I had no desire to spend any time outside.

The morning started with some discussion of being a good citizen that I was trying to have with Jack. His teacher is talking about it in preschool and he had some homework about being a good citizen. He wasn't interested in talking about or thinking about being a good citizen this morning. I probably should have been talking about it at various points during the weekend but for some reason I tend to procrastinate on preschool homework. We (I) printed out some recycling pictures and we talked about it a little bit but he was more interested in cutting his paper into small pieces. Maybe that was his first step towards recycling that paper into new paper.

When we went upstairs to get dressed, Jack & Casey had no interest in clean clothes for the new day. Instead, they dragged all of their blankets and pillows into my bedroom to make new beds for themselves. Then Casey placed hers in the dog crate and asked me to shut the door for her. She just laid there until I finally had to drag her out so we could get dressed and out the door.

Casey used her shopping cart for shoe shopping today and put all the shoes she could find into it. Then she stopped like she was waiting to cross a street and said, "Turkey's coming!" I told her the turkey was done and she carried on with pushing a cart of shoes around the house. In the meantime, Jack was playing with his pet dog Rory. He told me that Rory was pulling him around the house and yanking him around a little bit. He tied Rory up to the toy kitchen so he wouldn't pull anymore. Sounds a lot like a dog named Tugger.

A lot of times, Casey asks to go take a nap when she is tired. Today, she thought it would be more fun to throw all of her blankets and animals out of her crib and then cry. About an hour later she was crying hysterically and yelling for something. All her blankets were still in the bed...but she was BUCK NAKED and yelling, "I want my monkey shirt!" Monkey shirt, pants and diaper were on the floor. At least she didn't wet the bed during the time her clothes were off. She saved that for later on the carpet.

During Jack's quiet time he asked if he could tell me some stories. He told me about a tiger who lived in Chuckle Hottage. Not to be confused with Chuckle Cottage where Little Miss Giggles lives. He also told me about a baby giraffe who was in the river and went down a waterfall.

After naptime, Jack and Casey raced each other across my bedroom and bathroom over and over. (At least I got some laundry folded.) Casey climbed into my bathtub and took her shirt off again in between races. After several races, Jack asked if we could open the window because he "needed some air." Then they took laundry baskets and filled them with blankets and pillows and themselves...

Jack is in this basket...
Between dinner and bathtime, Casey broke a mirror, but Jack managed to find his purple ball. He drove Pat and I crazy on Sunday asking us where his ball was. We didn't know and we told him repeatedly that we didn't know where it was, but that didn't seem to stop him from asking again. Now he's happy that he found it.

And I'm happy that everyone is in bed and the day is done!


  1. Yay for chaos! I'm right there with you... Hope your evening was relaxing!