Monday, March 29, 2010

Email Fiasco

Today I sent out an email to Pat at work. As soon as I hit the sent button, I got a bad feeling. I was pretty sure I didn't hit Reply All. But something didn't quite feel right about it. Sure enough, as I checked the outgoing message log, I realized that I sent it to a lady at Defense Finance & Accounting Service.

Pat has had some issues with his pay and was emailing back and forth with this lady at DFAS to fix it. He copied me on the emails and I thought I should write back to him -

"Can you have her send you an excel spreadsheet with some actual calculations on it? Just joking, kind of. This is ridiculous. It seems like they just pull random numbers out of the air."

Only this went to the lovely lady who is trying to fix all these problems. I quickly sent her another email and apologized for my previous email, told her I was sure she knew what she was doing, and apologized again. She wrote back to me and was actually really nice about it and that made me feel even worse.

I hadn't heard from Pat about this until he was on his way home. He told me that he had to spend an extra hour at work because the Executive Officer called him into his office about some email I had sent. I was mortified even more until he finally told me that he was kidding and just wanted to mess with me. He's been looking at me and laughing at me and telling this story all night. Ha ha.

Maybe I subconsciously sent this email so I would have something to blog about tonight. Casey seems to go from adorable and sweet one minute to unbearable the next. (Also known as terrible twos I think.) And Jack is testing the limits of everything.

Actually, Pat thinks the story gets even better when he came home because both kids were running around naked while I was making dinner. We had just come in from puddle jumping and their clothes were wet. Then they got new stickers in the mail from Nana so they decided to stick the stickers all over themselves. Whatever keeps them busy while I make dinner!

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