Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another Dora Story

Every time I asked Casey what she wanted to read over the last few weeks, she would say "Dora." And we had no Dora books. We checked one out of the library a few months ago but had to return it. So, we went to Barnes & Noble and Casey got her Dora book. It's actually two stories in one. In the first part, Dora and her friends make a wish to "Little Star." Dora wishes for sunshine, Boots the monkey wishes for bananas and the iguana wishes for flowers. Not my first guess if someone asked me what an iguana wishes.

Then, Dora asks you, the reader, what your wish is. And three times in a row, Jack has said, "I wish for a boat to run into a sand bar." I have no idea where he came up with that. I'm not sure if Caillou had a rough boating day on one of his episodes or maybe Dora herself needed a "chart" instead of a "map" one day to help her navigate some treacherous waters. But Jack thinks he's pretty funny when he says it. I continue to look at him and wonder how that little brain works.

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