Saturday, March 6, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge Part 2

Here is the video of Casey running around to the slide. Over and over again!

We got to Great Wolf Lodge on Tuesday afternoon and spent a couple hours in the waterpark. Then we decided to try to get the kids to take a late nap. Our room was called a Kid Kamp room and it had a separate little room with bunk beds for the kids. Casey has never slept anywhere but in a crib or in a pac'n'play so she wasn't sure what she was supposed to do in that big open bed. And Jack was too excited to sleep. I think we both knew they weren't going to nap but it was worth a try...we hoped all the water play would knock them out.

After the aborted naptime, we took them down to the craft center. It was part playroom, part craftroom. They both worked at a little bit of coloring and Jack worked with the scissors, which are his new crafting passion. We decided to grab an early dinner before heading back to the waterpark. We drove over to a restaurant across the street and had a pretty good dinner. I think I declared it the "best dinner out with the kids in a long time." They were both pretty happy with some pirate stickers and a coloring book that I gave them and they both ate their dinner. Casey even asked/demanded to sit in a high chair, which was nice for me since it meant she wasn't crawling around on the bench or under the table.

After dinner we spent some more time in the pool. Despite the fact that it's always 84 and sunny there, it didn't feel so warm to me after dinner. It started snowing outside, big, heavy flakes and I think Pat and I were feeling more tired than the kids. Casey started having trouble crawling out of the pool to get up to the top of the slide so we knew she was tired. She also had a pretty dazed look on her face.

While Pat put Casey to bed (in the pac'n'play) I took Jack down to storytime in the lobby. There were animated characters singing songs and then there was a story in front of the big fireplace. It was so cute to see all the kids in their pajamas. Jack fell asleep shortly after we got back to the room. Despite the presence of the really cute Kid Kamp bunk beds, he wanted to sleep with Pat and I. I had an idea that I wasn't going to get a great night of sleep in the first place and I really didn't want to add sleeping with Jack to that. While he was laying with Pat, I pulled the sleeper bed out of the sofa and set that up. As soon as he saw that, he wanted to sleep in it. And so, despite the really cute bunk beds we had, neither kid ended up sleeping in them. Casey was in the little room, but in the pac'n'play. After Jack was asleep, my crazy husband drove all the way back to Chesapeake in the snow to play in a hockey game that didn't even start until 11:30pm. Then he drove back to Williamsburg for more fun.

We headed back to the water in the morning for a couple hours before it was time to check out. Jack was a lot braver the second day although he still wouldn't go down the slide. He figured out that he could walk down the lazy river and thought that was great. I appreciated all the time in the lazy river too since it was the warmest water.

Jack and Casey also loved going in the wave pool. The waves would be on for five minutes and then off for five minutes and they liked it both ways. Casey would get inside an inner tube and just walk around inside it. When the water got a little too deep for her, she would hang on the handles and float and I would push her back towards the shallow water. Jack liked to just sit on top of the inner tube and float around. He liked to think he was moving himself when he kicked his feet, but he usually had a little help.

We all had a really great time at the Great Wolf Lodge. Casey keeps saying that she wants to go swimming again. I think it was the perfect time of year to crowds and the 84 degrees felt great while it was snowing out.

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