Thursday, March 4, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge Part 1

Pat starts work again tomorrow. He's actually been working, except for this week, but more of a desk job for the last month. Tomorrow he heads back to work on a ship...a big ship also known as an aircraft carrier. We're both wondering how long the hours are going to be and how often he will have to stand duty and what the work environment will be like. In the Navy, it seems like it is either full speed ahead or all stop when it comes to working hours. He's either working crazy hours and standing a lot of duty or he's home by four and has already worked out. It never seems to be in the middle. But, we will deal with whatever comes our way.

Anyway, since we're not sure what the next two years are going to bring us, we took a mini-vacation on Tuesday night to Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg. It is a hotel with an indoor waterpark. We drove up after Jack's school and immediately put our bathing suits on. I'm so glad that I decided to stock up on next size up swim diapers at the end of year sale last fall and that we bought Casey a bathing suit at a consignment store not too long ago. Even better is that the swim diapers just happened to have Dora on them and she's one of Casey's best friends these days.

The weather was 84 degrees and sunny in the waterpark. That's my kind of weather. Outside it actually snowed all night.

As soon as we got in the water, both Jack and Casey headed for a small kids waterslide. Jack went first and Pat didn't catch him before he went under water at the bottom, so that turned out the be the first and last time he went down a slide by himself. We spent a lot of time trying to convince him to do it again, but he wasn't doing it. I told Pat I thought he'd do it after a couple more days there, but we weren't staying long enough for that to happen.

Casey, on the other hand, went down the slide over and over and over again. She loved it. Every time she got out of the water she would be so excited to run back up and do it over again and every time I had to yell at her to walk. I have some video of it, but it's almost time for The Office so I'll try to post it another night.

Here are some pictures from dinner and a couple from the water park on Tuesday night. Jack refuses to smile for the camera and insists on making sad faces...

Every time I asked Casey to look at me, I was 2 seconds too late in snapping the picture and she turned away. I have a lot of profile pictures of her Tuesday night.

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