Friday, November 13, 2009

Storm Footage

I have to interrupt the story of the weekend getaway to put up some pictures of the Never-Ending November Nor'easter that we're having. (I added the Never-Ending part myself.) Sure, I could probably write two posts tonight, but there are a lot of shows just waiting for me in the DVR and I have to cook popcorn.

Anyway, it has been rainy and windy since Wednesday. I don't know how many inches of rain we've gotten, but it's a lot. There is a pond across the street that is several feet higher than it normally is. Sorry I don't have any actual numbers on that either.

After pouring for 2 days straight, the storm drains were starting to back up last night. At one point our street was a river although it only lasted a couple hours. I didn't even have time to get the canoe out. However, I did think water might start coming up the driveway and eventually into the garage. I wondered at what point I should do something. If it was going to flood, I probably would have been asleep anyway. So, I started worrying about all the things that were on the garage floor and I went out to be proactive and move some things. I brought Jack's painting easel inside and moved Tugger's dog food up on the steps. And then I decided that I would just take pictures of the rest of the things and let insurance take care of it if anything happened. Apparently the dog food and easel are my most prized possessions in the garage. Even I find it a strange couple of items that I decided to rescue. I just figured there was no need to let that easel get wet when we normally store it in the house anyway. And the dog food would have made a big mess. And the dog would have been hungry.

Speaking of the dog, she hasn't enjoyed this rain/wind quarantine and was running around the house trying to get energy out. I even played tug of war with her today to burn some of her energy.

We were able to get out of the house today and went to the gym and post office. Apparently a lot of people had mail to get out. It bothers me that going to the post office has to become a stressful event because there are two children in tow. There are so many things they want to touch and so many things I have to tell them not to touch. Finally they found a couple of chairs and that is pretty good entertainment for them.

On the way home we went the "back way" which was covered with water. I turned around and took another back way...which was also covered with water in spots but not as much. I could have just taken the DRY (ie no standing water) main road but I didn't want to bother the kind police man who was directing traffic at the light to let him know I was just going to my development and wasn't going to try to cross the bridge that's been shut down for days. The kids enjoyed watching the water splash up the side of the car. In fact, Jack said we were just like a duck going through the water. In my head, I kept hearing the voice of a woman I overheard while showering at the gym - "Don't put the brakes on. Just keep moving. People don't know that, but you have to keep moving." Excellent advice. I believe that's what ducks do.

Anyway, here are some pictures. If you've never seen these ponds in the first place, then it probably doesn't look much different for you. These are for Pat, who is out to sea and in his own water world.

The little pond near the entrance to our community. Don't worry, the fountain is still going strong in the middle of this pond.
This trampoline used to be in the yard across the street. It blew over a fence to get here.
The pond nearest our house. That fence normally isn't under water. The ducks were having a great time here today.
The nearest house just put up a little retaining wall in the spring. It's about 3 feet under water now. There is a little sign in the water near the middle house - that's where the big drainage pipe's completely submerged.

I'm very lucky to be living where we do. Many other people in this area have had a lot of damage from the water. It's been quite the storm.

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