Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How a 3 year old plays hide and seek

First he plays in the pantry and manages to wedge himself in there and shut the door completely.

Then he comes out and says that he wants to play hide and seek and asks if Mommy could count. It's quite possible that instead of asking, he demands that Mommy count, depending on how whether he's remembered his manners or not.

Mommy starts counting (while in the kitchen making dinner) and he proceeds to go into the pantry and shut the door.

When Mommy is done counting, she pretends that she can't find him. (An option here is to have a 21 month child clinging to the Mommy while she is trying to make dinner AND look for hidden 3 year old.) Mommy pretends to look in various rooms and asks like she can't find the child. Meanwhile, 3 year old is in the pantry saying, "I'm in here, Mommy!"

Finally Mommy opens the door and pretends she can't see him and he jumps out to tell her where he was hiding the whole time, quite proud of himself.

The options are endless...
- he could hide in the same spot three times in a row
- he could move to a different closet and hide in there three times in a row
- he could find a great hiding place but then play with a loud game while hiding there
- he could hide in the same spot you just left

Mommies should also get a turn at hiding (with or without clingy sibling in her arms). Mommies preparing to hide should find a good magazine and a good hiding place and expect to hear, "Where are you Mommy?" dozens of times. You can either call out clues or let him look for long periods of time while you catch up on US Weekly or the Target Christmas catalog.

3 year old hide-and-seek - a great game for a rainy afternoon!

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