Friday, November 20, 2009

The Most Fearful Time of Year

On Wednesday, Jenn and I went to the mall with the kids so she could do some shopping. I spent about 2.5 seconds shopping and the children in the stroller started whining and crying to go play. Luckily I had done some online research prior to entering the stores and within that 2.5 seconds I actually found a dress for a Christmas party. (I was like Superman in the changing room.)

The mall was already in its Christmas splendor and I happened to see Santa Claus down one level. I excitedly mentioned it to Jack and he said, "Why is he here so early? I don't want Santa to be here yet. I don't want to go see him."

As we walked around he kept asking why Santa was here already. I tried giving him various reasons as to why Santa was here so darn kids can tell them what they want and he can get the elves working on kids can get their pictures taken with him for Christmas cards...because it's a lot warmer here than the North Pole and Santa was tired of the snow. Nothing seemed to satisfy his insatiable curiosity.

While I was telling all these tall tales, Jack was doing a little thinking on his own and he finally decided that "it must be Christmastime for someone else Mommy - that's why Santa is here already."

Every year since his first Christmas, Jack has gotten more scared of Santa. He didn't even want to see the guy when I mentioned he was at the mall already. I believe we will forgo the $25 to get a picture of crying kids with Santa this year. I think it would be a physical struggle to get Jack anywhere near Jolly Old Saint Nick.

There is a benefit to this fear though. He may not want to get up close and personal with Santa, but he does want to get some gifts from him. Lest he see Santa on Christmas Eve, Jack has informed us that he wants to be in his bed and asleep with his door closed all the way when Santa brings the presents. I couldn't ask for anything more on Christmas Eve. And hopefully that means he will stay in his bed until his normal waking hour. I fear the day that they are so excited they can't fall asleep and they wake up really early.

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