Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Curious about Christmas

Jack has started requesting Christmas songs for his bedtime songs. Tonight he found a Christmas book on his shelves and said we must have forgotten to put it away last Christmas but then he said, "But it's almost Christmas so I guess we can read it now." So we read it and sang some songs.

Just before I was leaving his room, he said, "Do we have a timsy?"

"A what?"

And then I thought he said it was something that Nana had.

"No, Mommy, a chimsey that Santa comes down."

"Oh, yes, we have a chimney. It goes down into our fireplace." Even though we really don't have one because it's just a gas fireplace.

"And Santa comes down that?"

"Yes, he is special and can come down the chimney to deliver gifts."

"But isn't there a fire in there?"

"Well we'll make sure there is no fire on Christmas so Santa doesn't get hurt."

"Oh. Yeah because we haven't had a fire in a long long time. There used to be a little fire in the logs but it's not there anymore because Daddy hasn't turned it on yet. It was a long time ago, three days ago, when we had a little fire but we're not going to have one until after Christmas now."

"Okay, Jack, Good Night."

He tends to ramble on about things when he is tired...and it's a lot of fun to listen.

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  1. So adorable. I love when they say things or just ramble on!