Thursday, February 26, 2009

Milk & Shoes

Casey is quickly becoming a big girl, or as Jack likes to say, "Casey is big now!"  A couple of days ago I gave her her first cup of whole milk and she drank it down.  Obviously she likes it much better than formula since she would just take sips at that.  I guess I should have gotten a whole gallon of milk instead of just a 1/2 gallon...I had no idea how quickly she would drink it.

I also went through her shoe and sock drawer and found some cute little shoes that are just fitting her now.  (Thanks Jenn.)  I was worried that she wouldn't walk as well in them but she figured it out quickly.  Speaking of walking, she is doing pretty well but is still pretty wobbly.  She loves to totter across short distances and is so proud of herself when she does.  

Unfortunately, Casey is starting to pick up on a few of Jack's bad habits.  Most notably is the torture of poor Tugger.  The fine art of petting the dog is still a little unrefined for Casey and mostly she just holds her hand out and swats at Tugger.  Tugger is a little defensive about this since Jack has been known to hit Tugger with more than just his hand (ie golf clubs & hockey sticks).   I think Jack is out of this phase but Tugger is still wary.  Now when Jack tries to properly pet her, she flinches because she thinks he is going to hit her.  On the other hand, I have never heard Jack laugh so much as he does when he is playing with Tugger.  Tugger likes to nibble on Jack's hands and feet and the more Jack wiggles around and moves his hands and feet, the more Tugger plays with him.  Tugger is very gentle with him, always, and mostly what she does is like tickling him.  It is so much fun to listen to him laugh that way.

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