Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Casey's Birthday

Today is Casey's 1st birthday!  

We had a pretty low key celebration.  Just us at home, with her favorite dinner - pumpkin pancakes, and a carrot cake.  They were delicious and somehow I snuck 2 veggies in there.  And, I'm proud that her first cake was here with us and we didn't crash another birthday party like we did for Jack's.  I made the cake from scratch although it has nothing on some of the cakes I've seen my friends make.  I'll try to get more creative when she can appreciate it.  Jack just appreciates that there is cake of any sort.  He knew that I was making the cake while he was sleeping and the first words out of his mouth this 
morning were, "Is there cake now?"  He wanted to come right down to the kitchen and look at it.  I gave him a taste of the frosting as I was making it today and he tasted it like he was a judge on Top Chef and finally, after much deliberation, he said, "This is really good."  

A little more about the birthday girl...  Casey is a very happy little girl.  She is just learning to walk...taking about 7 or 8 steps at a time, as long as her balance is good at the beginning.  And when she crawls, she is fast!  She loves to be outdoors ever since we started venturing out again in the warmer weather we had last week.  She figured out how to get out the doggy door so unless I'm paying attention, she will be in the backyard before you know it.  She loves to push toys around the driveway, practically running down the driveway to keep up with them.  She will follow Jack just about anywhere he goes, but really enjoys it if she gets a few minutes to play while he is still napping.  
I think we'll probably have some more birthday celebration tomorrow as a few boxes didn't make it in the mail for today.  And we'll probably have some more cake!


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