Friday, February 27, 2009

Last night we had a visit from Super Ging.  


He is about 3 feet tall, with eternally messy blondish hair.

He wears Crocs or Cars rain boots.

He gets "creative" while his mother is cooking dinner.

Sometimes he turns his pop-up tunnels into "doors" that prevent entry and exit from the kitchen unless you are willing to go through a tunnel.  

His costume, then, is the middle piece of the tunnels, which he can put over his head and "wear."  

He superpower is antagonizing the dog, who doesn't appear to like being chased by small boys draped in large pieces of plastic.

And when you ask him what his name is, he says, "Super Ging."  I'm not sure if I'm spelling it correctly, but the first 'G' is hard, like when you pronounce the word gold.  However, I'm pretty sure I'm the first person to ever spell it, so it must be correct. 

It is a riot and I only wish I had pictures of this because I can't quite find the words to describe the costume, or my total amusement when he told me what his name was.  It is amazing to see the imagination of a 2 1/2 year old come to life.


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