Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jack's Easter Tie

Casey had a brand new Easter dress and an Easter bonnet to wear on Sunday, but Jack just had a pair of khakis and a dress shirt.  So on Wednesday, when this tie tutorial on the Little Birdie Secrets blog popped up in my Google reader, I decided to make it immediately.  Actually, first I asked Jack if he wanted a tie.  He was a little ambivalent.  Then I showed him some cute owl fabric I bought and he liked the blue and green owls and said I could make it for him.  

At this point, it was the day before our 4 day trip to Ocean City for Easter weekend and I had packed nothing.  There has been a quilt sitting on my dining room table for ever and I haven't touched it in weeks.  But I decided I should make a tie.  

Thankfully it was simple and easy to make except for burning my fingers with steam a few times.  I called on Jake and the Neverland Pirates to entertain the kids for a bit and created a cute little tie for Jack.  The worst part was getting him to try it on.  He wasn't completely resistant but he thought it was a good time to be silly and it made buttoning and unbuttoning little buttons and trying to gage how long it should be difficult.

Our modeling session went pretty well though...

And here's the little goes around his neck with a piece of elastic instead of being tied!

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  1. I LOVED the tie!! I noticed it immediately in your pictures and just KNEW you and your crafty self made it. it's fantastic!