Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Christmas Party in January

Jack's preschool Christmas party was scheduled for the last day of school before Christmas break.  Unfortunately a little snow fell on Wednesday night and school was cancelled both Thursday and Friday.  I was really looking forward to going to it and I think I might have been more disappointed than Jack was about the snow day.  And truth be told, I was really excited about going to the party and having no planning responsibilities!  I might have gone a little crazy if I had been planning it and it got cancelled.

Anyway, the party was rescheduled and they held it on Friday.  The 4 and 5 year old students were all on the big stage when I got there, getting ready for their show.  They sang a really cute medley of Christmas songs and shook their bells.  It was all very sweet.  I struggled with trying to get pictures with my regular camera, trying to take some video, making sure Casey could see what was going on and trying to just enjoy the show.  I didn't put it all on video because they were too far away and overall I'm pretty sure it was a bad video, but I wanted Pat to get a little taste of it.  And I thought I took some good pictures with my zoom lens but it appears that all the children have been possessed...

I tried to fix the red eye but they aren't actually red, so it wasn't doing much for me.  I love that Jack was so into this program and sang along with everyone else.  Last year at his preschool he wasn't comfortable enough to do any of the singing when they had the end of year program.  But you can see that he was shaking away with his jingle bells and singing along this time.  Every once in a while in December I would hear him singing some song that he was practicing for the show.  When I sang "Joy to the World" one night for a bedtime song, he was shocked that I knew it.  "How do you know that song Mommy?  We're singing it at school."

After the concert we went back to his classroom for snacks and crafts.  This is where Casey eats all of Jack's cheese and crackers and Jack just waits for the cake which he later claimed was his lunch.  They all decorated crowns with stickers and markers and had a great time.  And I feel that maybe I put a little too much effort into my Thanksgiving party...but the paper bag turkey was still awesome.


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