Sunday, January 23, 2011

Best Day Ever

For some reason, Jack proclaimed today as "the best day I ever had."  I'm not sure how it beats other days but I guess it was pretty good in his book.

We went to church early this morning.  Jack solemnly told Auntie, "When we get there Auntie, Casey and I leave and go to a classroom and we stay there for a long time.  So we won't stay with you."  After the children's liturgy, Jack and Casey came back with cutouts of doves.  Jack had stickers on his and some extra stickers and Casey didn't have any stickers on her dove and no extras.  I couldn't get any details as to why this happened.  When I asked Jack what kind of bird he had, he said, "It's a space bird."

We hung out at home and whined for a while after church.  That evolved into some serious Lego playing  (we were able to attach a ladder to a house and the workerman got to work) and the whining subsided.

While Casey was napping, I asked Jack if he wanted to watch a movie.  "Max and Ruby??" he wanted to know.  But instead I told him we could watch Star Wars and he thought that was much better.  So we sat on the couch and watched it.  Jack asked approximately 532 questions that usually weren't related to the plot and didn't want me to read the scrolling words from the beginning.  "What are the names of the Storm Troopers? --- What kind of animal [alien] is that? --- What color are the good guys wearing?"  He really just wanted to get to the fight in the desert.  I don't even know if it's in Star Wars or one of the other movies or how he even knows about a fight in the desert.  Then our fabulous DVD player started skipping and pausing and I had to postpone the rest of the viewing.

After naptime, we headed to the mall and the kids got to play in the playland, also known as germland.  I normally don't worry much about germs, but last time we left there I think the kids instantly had a runny nose.  But the kids like it and it burns off energy on a cold day.  And Jenn got to go look at Vera Bradley purses.

For dinner, we went to the Greene Turtle.  Both Jack & Casey were excited to go there.  It was when we got our food and Jack started munching on his apples that he said it was the best day ever.  It must have been the super special and oh-so-rare treat of sliced apples that tipped the scale and made this the best day.  And just to make it better, I let them have the 2 leftover candy canes on our way home.

Church, Legos, Star Wars, Playland at the mall and apples for dinner - best day ever, right?

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