Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Couple Weeks Ago

A couple weeks ago, we spent a little time in the kitchen and I thought to get out my camera and take pictures.  We had a banana that needed to be used up and I found a recipe for King Cupcakes which are basically banana cupcakes with a peanut butter frosting.  Here are Jack and Casey in the kitchen...

I got Jack to smile by telling him the picture was going to be for Grammie.  She made the aprons for them for Christmas.  They like to make sure that they have their aprons on and that I also have an apron on.  Then we get out the big chairs and get to work.  The cupcakes were pretty good...good enough to put the recipe in my "binder of recipes I like enough to make again".  Jack and Casey preferred to eat mostly frosting but I think if they hadn't had the delicious frosting, they would have eaten the cupcakes anyway.

We also went strawberry picking last week, and by last week I actually mean the week before last.  I have no pictures because I thought I had my hands full with Jack, Casey and two buckets of strawberries.  Jack loved helping pick the berries and showed me how big and red almost every berry was that he picked.  Casey picked a couple but mostly wanted to try to sit on the mounded hills where the berries were.  Once she realized she could eat them, she started shoveling them into her mouth.  Luckily she didn't figure this out until it was almost time to leave.  She still managed to cover her shirt in red strawberry juice.

The berries were delicious and looked the same as they did last year when I wrote about them in this post.  I made two jars of strawberry jam, strawberry-orange muffins, strawberry shortcake, froze some strawberries, strawberry smoothies and the rest went straight into Jack & Casey's bellies.  

I also got a couple pictures of Jack and Casey together and they are both smiling.  The best part of these pictures is that they are on Pat's back getting a horsey ride.  Casey's bangs are getting long but they don't seem to bother her as much as they do me.  Most days we put a barrette or elastic in, but most days she also pulls it out at some point, hence the "scraggly bangs in the eyes" look.

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