Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rainy Day Crazy

Thank goodness I had a babysitter that came at 5 to relieve me of my children yesterday.  It turned out to be a really long rainy day.  Despite my best efforts at entertaining and coming up with fun ideas, nothing could stop Casey from hitting Jack or taking his toys or playing in his space.  And nothing could stop Jack from whining about it.

Just before the babysitter came, there was a serious skirmish regarding a picture of Batman that I had printed for Jack.  Casey got the paper and crumpled it up.  Jack cried and whined about it.  I got Casey to give the paper back to Jack.  Then she took it again.  Jack whined and cried more.  I intervened again.  I asked Jack how Casey kept getting the paper if he was holding on to it.  I told him to hold on to his paper if he didn't want her to get it.  She got it again.  At one point, I crumpled the paper up some more in frustration, which did not help Jack out.  He was seriously distraught about crumpled Batman.  Eventually we moved on.  But it was a tough 15 minutes for all of us.

Even if I was sitting down and playing with Jack and Casey together, Casey somehow managed to bother Jack.  I finally decided that she needed to be wherever I was and I tried to bring her to do some chores around the house.  As soon as I was distracted by something, Casey was off to bop Jack on the head or take his Legos.

They were both excited about a babysitter coming and it couldn't have been a better day to know that I had some relief coming.  I knew they would behave somewhat for her and it was only a couple hours until bedtime.

Pat and I met at Isle of Wight County and went to the Spring Homearama.  There were eight gorgeous new homes to tour, fully furnished and decorated.  It was also local restaurant night and there was food being served in the kitchens of all the houses...kind of why I picked Monday night.  The food was delicious and the homes were gorgeous.  And we got to tour the homes at our leisure and really check them out.  We came away with some great ideas to incorporate into our own house.


  1. I had to laugh (with you, of course) because out of frustration I would have crumpled up the paper too! What is it with the second child?!? Oy. I had a Monday (mid day) babysitter and it took every ounce of energy to decline her kind offer to come again today! I wanted to say "Yes, please come back every day until you leave for grad school!"
    Here's to a different Tuesday! (ha)

  2. Your Jack and Casey stories are so cute! They sound like quite a pair. Someday they will love reading them too.
    I was reading your post about feeding the kids cotten candy instead of washing the windows. Hilarious!
    That is how crazy parenting makes us!