Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Week in Quick Review

I didn't quite mean to take a little break from blogging but we've had a visitor and been on some adventures.  Auntie Jenn came to town for a week to visit and also to babysit on Saturday and Sunday while Pat and I went to a wedding in Baltimore, Maryland.

We managed to fit in a lot of shopping, a trip to the zoo and a trip to the aquarium along with the weekend away while Jenn was here.  I'm surprised that we were able to get in all the shopping that we did.  Shopping with two kids lately just doesn't happen for me very much.  Jack thinks he should be able to buy something in every store now and it's not a lot of fun listening to him ask why he can't have a toy for the hundredth time.

Luckily, last Thursday, Jack was in school and Casey turned out to be a fun little shopping companion.  She got a little excited in the women's section a couple times and started running around and amongst the clothes but we moved on to the toys and she enjoyed "browsing."  She also enjoyed draping women's shirts over herself and saying, "I like 'dis.  It's so pretty."  It would have been the perfect time to have a video camera because it was so cute.

I have also been working on another project and I will write more about it next week.  In the meantime, here are a few pictures of what Jack and Casey were up to today:

First, Casey found the little Diego figure and asked me where the garbage truck was so she could put him in it as the driver.  And then I guess Diego became the chauffeur to Baby as well.  Baby rides in style.

In the meantime, Jack told me he wanted to make a flag.  He got himself a black marker, a piece of construction paper and got to work.  After he was satisfied with the drawing, he taped it on the side of the counter in the kitchen and asked me specifically to write "Everybody Come Into the Kitchen."  

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