Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Weekend #2

The kids are snug in their beds after another fun Christmas-ey weekend.

On Friday, Pat and Jack went to a Norfolk Admirals hockey game. They left right after dinner so they could get a free hockey jersey for Jack as it was jersey night. Casey and I played and put together a puzzle for the hundredth time.

"Where's 'dis go, Mommy?"

"Right over there, Casey."

"Where's 'dis one go, Mommy?"

"Right there, Casey."

Casey went to bed early and I started to do a little cooking for our Army/Navy football party on Saturday. Jack & Pat got home around 9:30. Jack came in and didn't say a word but handed me a puck that he'd gotten an autograph on. He was very proud of it. Then he took his jacket off and showed me his jersey. He was swimming in it but he looked very cute. He also got that signed. Both the puck and the jersey were signed by the mascot of the Norfolk Admirals (a dog) which is impressive considering that Jack wouldn't go anywhere near mascots or anyone dressed in a large costume last year. And yet Santa is still scary.

On Saturday we held an Army/Navy football party and combined it with a playgroup Secret Santa party. We had 8 kids aged 3 and under running around here. It was a little crazy but everyone was having a great time. The kids played, stole cookies from the kitchen, opened presents and ate pb&j's for dinner while the grownups chatted, ate, and tried to slow the flow of cookies out of the kitchen. Oh, and there was a football game on too. Go Navy/Beat Army.

Today was rainy. Jack and Casey spent at least an hour playing with play-doh at the kitchen table. It was Casey's Secret Santa gift from the party. Then we watched the Elmo Christmas special and had a picnic lunch on the living room floor.

After naptime, we went to Portsmouth to go to Winter Wonderland. It's a display of animated characters (elves, animals, carolers, reindeer, etc) and a couple of trains. We also got admission into the condensed version of the Children's Museum. (The actual museum is under construction so they moved some of the features into another building.) We played for about an hour in there and then headed across town to the Botanical Gardens drive-through light display. I'd say it was a success since after we drove through all the lights Jack said, "Can we drive through again?"

Another big moment in the day was when I finally finished putting some decorations up in Casey's room. About 8 months ago, I bought some vinyl applications to put on her wall. I procrastinated and procrastinated for months. Then we decided to paint so I felt justified in my procrastination. After all, it would have been ruined if I'd tried to take it down to paint.

Last weekend, I finally started putting it on the wall. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be...I spent about an hour trying to get the first piece up. I was a little discouraged and out of time so there were just some stems of flowers on the wall for the last week. Today I put the flowers on and Casey's name and it is finally complete. Thankfully the other two pieces were not as hard as the stems. And some day I will post pictures of it, but I don't have any yet. I'll have to do a room makeover post and show Jack and Casey's updated rooms.

One more weekend until Christmas weekend!

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