Friday, December 25, 2009

The Short Version of Christmas 2009

I woke up before the kids...walked the dog and got cinnamon rolls rolled out.

Jack woke up a little after seven. He asked, "What did Santa bring me?"

We held him off for about 5 minutes and then we woke Casey and headed downstairs.

Jack loved his toy kitchen. Casey stayed in my arms for a few minutes and then realized there were presents to open.

They ripped through their presents from Santa in a few minutes.

Jack wanted to put all his Legos together immediately.
Casey wanted to sit in her new chair from Auntie to open all her presents.

Wrapping paper piled up. Casey tried to push her shopping cart through it all.

Jack put a chicken in his oven for Christmas dinner.

Pat built a Lego construction fleet and a garbage truck from another building set. Casey pushed her shopping cart through all the Legos on the floor.

Jack & Casey helped Grampie put together a garage that didn't have all the right pieces but they're having a good time with it anyway.

Mom & I got all the vegetables ready for Christmas dinner. She made an apple pie for us after I failed to plan to get a cheesecake in the oven early enough.

Casey took a short nap and is not very good at sharing this afternoon. Jack had a "special day" and didn't take a nap so his sharing skills aren't great either. But it doesn't matter because it's Christmas and there are lots of new toys to distract.

The roast is in the oven and smells good.

The kids are busy playing with various toys.

We're on our third Christmas movie. The Griswolds, The Christmas Story and now Home Alone (my favorite).

Videos and pictures to come! Or check out Facebook.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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