Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Weekend #1

We had a great weekend of holiday skating, shopping, movies, parades, dog washing and decorating. It was a lot of fun and I can already think of a bunch of things I want to get out and see this weekend.

On Thursday evening, Pat's ship held their annual holiday party. We got a babysitter and headed down to Norfolk to enjoy the evening. The babysitter's report was that the kids "eventually" went to sleep, but I got no more details. It sounded like she had fun with them and apparently she really liked Casey but I'm not sure when "eventually" was or how hard it was to actually get them to sleep. This was probably the first time we've had a babysitter put Casey to bed so maybe she didn't like it so much. Usually she is already asleep by the time the babysitter gets here. It was also nice to have a babysitter who could drive. One of the Manic Mommies is always saying that you can never have too many pairs of shoes or too many babysitters.

Pat had most of the day off on Friday. In the afternoon, we went to the mall. Jack and Pat went to the outdoor ice rink and went skating. This was Jack's first time with rental skates. We have a pair that strap onto his shoes and are a double runner. These were his first lace-ups but they still had a little double runner. Pat finally convinced him that he was too big for the "little" ice which is a 5'x5' box. I think Jack really liked that he could climb over the 2 foot boards to get on the little ice and that he could open and shut the little door himself.

Casey and I cruised around the mall a little bit while they were skating. She wasn't so bad all by herself. We looked at all the Christmas things. I should have seen if I could get her to sit on Santa's lap without Jack around. She was very interested in what was going on around Santa and I don't think she's scared of him like Jack. We ended up at the play area eventually where it was nice for me to just have one person to keep track of. I think Casey also loved having all my attention.

On Saturday, we did a little Christmas decorating. We decided to put our tree in a different spot this year and we had to move a little furniture around. Then Jack and I went out on a date and Pat, Casey & Tugger went out together. I took Jack to see his first movie at the cinema. We went to the Cinema Cafe where you get to sit at tables and order food and it is very kid friendly. Jack worked on his popcorn for almost the first hour. A couple of times he told me that he didn't like the movie and wanted to know when we could go play. After he was done eating, I let him sit on my lap so I could explain what was going on in the movie to him and he seemed to like it a little better. After the movie we went and played in the play area and then we did a little shopping. Once again, so much easier with just one child, although he walks so slowly that it seems to take forever to get around.

Pat took Tugger to get washed at a do-it-yourself place. Apparently it's not that easy to wash a 70 lb Boxer while holding your 30 lb daughter in your arms.

We ended the weekend with the Christmas parade on Sunday evening. I wasn't even sure I wanted to go, but I knew that Jack would like it and it turned out to be a good time. This was our second time going so we were better prepared. We brought chairs and blankets and found a great place to watch it. Jack was mesmerized by everything. Casey was yelling "Merry Christmas!" and waving to everyone. And we were warm and cozy. Jack was upset that there was only one marching band but he was distracted by the many candy canes he was given. Just before the end of the parade, Casey fell and knocked her head on the pavement. She was crying hysterically for a while and it caused me to miss Santa. He was in some weird lit-up bus with a lot of windows and probably heat. I actually haven't been to many Christmas parades, but isn't he supposed to be on a fire truck? And out braving the elements like everyone else? Jack liked it though, because Santa was behind the glass and that didn't make him scared. So it was a fun time and great way to end our weekend.

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