Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An Hour of Patience and Cleanliness

The upstairs of my house is almost spotless. Everything is in its place...clothes are put away, toys are put away. Two loads of laundry have been folded, three loads have been put away. Toys that migrated into my room have returned to their homes. And I have Jack to thank for this.

In the hour and fifteen minutes since I put him to bed he has come out of his room about every five minutes...
1. to pee
2. to get some more water
3. to pee
4. to pee
5. to poop
6. to poop

So, while waiting for the next time he comes out of his room, I've done a little tidying up there. But I'm about at my wits end with this whole process.

In the meantime, the downstairs has toys strewn everywhere and dishes are piled around the sink. I started to sweep and got about half done before I had to run upstairs again. Also, the dog is waiting for me to take her out. Not so patiently, I might add. But now it's dark and I just want to go to bed myself. I'm just hoping that my patience and persistence might pay off some day soon and the child will just go to bed and stay there.

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  1. Um. Can you come over to my house and clean MY upstairs now? ;)