Thursday, August 13, 2009

I think a 13 hour car ride (which we did on Monday and then 7 more on Tuesday) would have made for a better day than today. Maybe I should have let Jack watch as much TV as he would have in the car.

I'm just wondering how many million times I will have to remind Jack to say 'please' when he wants something before he finally does it on his own. I'm also wondering how many nights he will barely eat dinner and then tell me he is hungry once he's in bed.

I think there are books out there that tell you how to get your child to listen and do things simply because he is told to do it. Maybe I should see if they have one at the library. Because I am tired of trying to come up with a negative consequence for all of Jack's infractions. Not that they don't usually work in the short term, but I think he forgets (maybe purposely) what the consequences are after a bit of time, like 3.7 seconds.

Speaking of the library...we have a book that is about two months overdue. Thinking about returning that this week. I was going to go on Wednesday until Jack informed me that he didn't need any new books. Apparently this statement was only true for a few hours. After I scrapped the trip to the library, Jack let me know that we needed to go there before we went to the gym. We haven't gotten there yet and I've racked up another 30 cents in library debt. Little does the library know that this book has travelled to Maine and back with a layover in Philly.

Anyway, the joys of having a 3 year old are little much for me today. We'll try again tomorrow. It's time to walk the dog and catch up on some Tivo shows.

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