Monday, August 17, 2009

Stall Tactics

My sister thought I should blog about my dinner tonight. I'm not sure if she thought my experience was funny or thought the food sounded good.

I was supposed to use toasted pita bread in the salad I was making, but since I forgot to get any kind of bread at the commissary this morning, I tried to toast some tortillas on the grill. I burned two batches of them and just gave up on that. Jack picked up one of the burnt ones though, and thought it was good. Kid won't eat a potato but thinks burnt tortillas are good. He also tried a leaf of oregano today and thought that was yummy. Anyway, the salad turned out all right. The nice part was that I used my three ripe tomatoes from my sad looking tomato plants and oregano from my "garden" as well.

The other part of my dinner was some grilled chicken that had been marinating all day. I was a little hasty in getting it off the grill so it wasn't cooked all the way through. I threw it back on the grill but Pat and I had both kind of lost our interest in it after that.

So dinner was kind of a disappointment, but that means we have more room for ice cream. Oops, forgot that aisle at the grocery store too.

I also thought I'd write about Jack's efforts in delaying bed time. I have to commend him for his tactics despite the fact that it's driving me crazy. He's had me up the stairs at least 4 times every night since we got home last week. At least.

First, he wants another song. I sing another song and say good night again. 3 minutes later, he wants another song. I go up and tell him I'm done singing songs. Then he moves on to water. He's thirsty. I get him some water. I wised up and started leaving some water in his room so he can't use that as an excuse. He's used all these stall tactics in the past.

Then he came up a with a couple new ones...
One night, he stood at his door and very quietly starting chanting, "Yum...yum...yum...yum..." He did it for about 5 minutes until it developed into, "I'm HUNGRY!" It very well may be true that he is hungry because he has a tough time eating the dinner that is placed in front of him. But he's been warned that he's not getting food at bedtime. Either way, this yelling from his bedroom prompts me to run up the stairs again and tell him he's not getting any food. Tonight, it was tough because he wanted the cucumbers that he had left on his plate. I had to turn down my child asking for vegetables.

And finally, he's started asking to go on the potty. He goes all day without asking to go on the potty. I have to literally drag him there half the time. (As soon as I tell him it's time to go on the potty, he tells me that his legs don't work.) But he's cunning and he knows that I won't deny him the use of the potty after bedtime. Especially now that he's finally doing #2 on the potty. And so we've had a couple of cozy evenings in the bathroom while he tells me that he's trying and trying and trying to go. To give him credit, he eventually achieves success after all this trying, but it's a little trying on me. I will say they're some of funniest moments I've ever had with him, but I'll spare you the potty talk.

I've resorted to threatening him with no snacks the next day if he doesn't go to sleep. Hopefully this will continue to work because I don't have much else in my arsenal. Why can't he just quietly read books after bedtime like I used to when I was a kid? If he were to answer that question, he'd probably say, "Because I don't know the words yet Mommy."

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