Friday, July 10, 2009

Birthday, Part II

We had a birthday party for Jack on the 4th and invited all his friends. Unfortunately, many were out of town and then 2 of the 3 families that were left ended up having some version of hand, foot and mouth disease. (Not to be confused with hoof and mouth, which apparently applies more to cattle than to small children.)

But, Nana, Pop-pop, Uncle Matt and Aunt Kelly were in town, so we had a great party anyway. After driving to three different stores for Thomas the Train related decorations, I was having a Thomas party whether we had guests or not. Jack was thrilled with the little sign I got that said Happy Birthday and had Thomas on it. But he was even more thrilled when the balloons arrived...the balloons that were almost forgotten.

At around 9am, I said out loud that we couldn't forget the balloons. I'm pretty sure no one was listening though, or maybe I mumbled, as I have a tendency to do so. Either way, it was more of a reminder to myself to remind someone else to get them at noon. At 2:30pm, I was reading Jack stories and we came to the "B" page in his alphabet book. Luckily there was a Big Blue Balloon on that page which jolted me to action. Pat had gone out to the store so I frantically called him and asked him to run and get the balloons. As for what happened in the parking lot when one Thomas balloon floated away...Pat tells it best. But I believe it involved a few grown adults chasing the balloon through a parking lot.

Jack's face when a dozen balloons came in the door was priceless. He then spent about an hour playing with them...moving them around, handing them to different people - just part of a typical day for the "balloon man."

After our guests arrived we had a great time eating and Jack, Warner and Casey had a great time running around the backyard, building houses in the sandbox, splashing in the pool and eating cake. And this time the birthday boy enjoyed his cake!

Fire-Seared Antipasto Platter, 7 Layer Taco Dip, Watermelon & Feta Salad and Fruit Tray

Some serious sandbox play

Strawberry cake from a box, homemade buttercream frosting, edible picture of Thomas purchased on ebay

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