Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jack Turns 3

Jack turned 3 today.  To be honest, I wouldn't say the time has flown by but I think that's okay.  Countless times, I've heard the advice to enjoy them while they're little...and I'm definitely enjoying Jack.  He has put a lot of smiles on my face in three years and it just keeps getting better.  

Motherhood doesn't have much in the way of validation on a day to day basis.  But today kind of makes up for that.  I loved seeing how excited he was by the presents that I picked out.  It's a great feeling when you know what to give him to elicit that kind of joy and excitement.  In fact, he even told me earlier today, "This makes me happy, Mommy...and excited too."  What more could you ask for?

Jack spent most of the day in awe that he was actually 3.  He kept saying, "I'm 3?"  

And now, I'm going to go crazy and add some pictures AND video.   

Just in case he didn't tell you that he's 3, we duct taped the number to his shirt so everyone would know.  I think he transferred it to his pajamas for the night.  

A top hat so Jack can pretend to be Sir Topham Hatt...or a magician...or whatever else he comes up with.

 The cake is a lemon cake called Nathan's Lemon Cake, which he saw in one of my Cooking Light magazines and told me he wanted for his birthday.  I'm proud of the finished product which looks almost exactly like the magazine picture and I thought it tasted pretty good.  The birthday boy wasn't a big fan of it.  Luckily he had new trains to distract him and another cake coming up for his party (which will come out of a box).


How can you not love a kid who watches a show before bed in just a top hat?

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