Saturday, July 25, 2009

Travelling, Travelling

Last night we started our summer vacation and trip to Maine. Unfortunately, Pat had a last minute schedule change and wasn't able to make the drive to Philly with us.

Nevertheless, I loaded up the mini-van with 2 kids and a dog and headed north. I made a nice little place for Tugger to lay down in the back and instead she spent all of her time right under Jack's feet. The new Dora movie was a hit for Jack and he was occupied with that for a couple hours. Casey appreciated the box of toys I prepared for her and enjoyed throwing them all on the floor.

I fielded many questions from Jack, including, "Why does corn get stuck in your teeth when you eat it?" and "Why can't you just push the 'faster' button so we can get there faster?" and a succession of "Where are we now?" asked every 2 seconds for about 5 minutes.

About 45 minutes from Nana's house we thought we could outrun a thunder storm, but we ran into a bit of traffic. Instead we watched the lightning show and listened to the thunder while going 20 mph. I tried to explain to Tugger that a car is the safest place to be in a thunderstorm, but she still got herself all worked up. Inevitably, Jack asked "Why is the car safe?" and I mumbled something about rubber wheels and changed the subject.

We made it to Nana's in about 6 1/2 but it was actually a pretty pleasant ride. Hopefully it will be just as pleasant during the 10+ hrs to Maine.

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