Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bad Turtle

I had never heard of Franklin until today.  He's apparently got a whole bunch of books and a tv show.  Jack just happened to find a book about Franklin playing hockey on the shelves at the library.  So of course we checked it out.  And yes, I believe Franklin is Canadian...which makes me wonder why I have never heard of him since I watched several fascinating Canadian cartoons growing up.  Good ole Mr. Dressup.

I read it to him earlier today.  Then, after I had already read his bedtime stories, he tried to put it in my hands and get me to read it again.  He was very persistent.  But I won.  Just like I'm trying to win the rest of the bedtime battle right now.  He keeps yelling for me to come up there for another song or another story or another something.  I've told him I'm not coming back and I'm holding my ground tonight.

Before I left his room though, we had this conversation about Franklin...

Jack: What is he doing?

Me:  I don't know Jack.  (Not paying attention and not really knowing what he's looking at.)

Jack:  That's not very nice.

Me:  What's not nice?

Jack:  He needs to go back in there.

Then I actually looked at what he was talking about.  On the back of his Franklin book there is a picture of Franklin stepping out of a tv to indicate that the book was either adapted from the tv show or vice versa.  And in Jack's world, it is definitely not nice for turtles to step out of tvs.

In my world, it is not nice for Jack to be wailing like a siren upstairs when he should be sleeping.  Still holding my ground though.

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