Sunday, June 28, 2009

For lack of a better way to jump back in after taking a week or so off, I'm going to go with a list of random things.

1.  Today Jack told me that I was his best friend.  Awww.  And then he said, "Maybe Warner is my best friend and you are my favorite friend."  Pat was within earshot of this and wanted to know where he fit in, and I believe Daddy became Jack's best friend and that was his final answer.

2.  Jack is preceding most of the things he says with 'maybe.'  As in, "Maybe I want to play in the pool" or "Maybe I don't want to eat that right now."

3.  I put a moratorium on "Why, Mommy?" today.  I just had to stop answering it.  Sometimes I try to give good answers and sometimes I just say "Because."  But no matter how I do it, it's never enough and there's always another "Why?"  So today I stopped answering for a while.

4.  Casey is really starting to add a lot of words to her repertoire.  Her favorite word is shoes, followed by cool.  The babysitter at the gym asked me, "Does she know how to say cool?  She keeps pointing at things and saying, 'Cool!' "  She can also say please, cheese, bubba, daddy, mommy, nana, dog, woof woof and a few other words.  She's picking them up really fast.

5.  We're working on some potty training with Jack.  He'll tell you he doesn't have to go on the potty all day, but he'll go once I finally get him to sit on the potty.  I took the potty out by the pool and he went in it while I was changing Casey's diaper.  When I got downstairs, he told me, "I had a little problem with the potty."  The problem I saw was that he dragged it through the kitchen, into the bathroom and there was pee in every possible crevice of the potty.  Luckily it didn't spill out of the potty onto the floor.  The problem as Jack saw it was just that he had been unable to open the top to dump out the cup.  He didn't realize that the pee was sloshing all over the place as he was attempting to do this.

6.  Today Jack told me that he didn't feel well.  And I was so proud of him for saying it exactly like that and using proper English.  He also told me that his stomach was working backwards.  I expected to find a little vomit after that statement, but I guess his stomach fixed itself before that happened.  He was fine once he was able to go to the playground.

And that's about all I've got for now.

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