Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Picnic & A Sales Pitch

It was a beautiful fall day here.  At lunchtime the kids wanted snacky food to eat so I suggested that we have a picnic outside.  I was just thinking we would sit at the table that's already out there, but Jack insisted that I go upstairs and get a picnic blanket.  And then he decided that it was too hot out and he was going to have his picnic inside.  Casey and I ate our lunches outside on the blanket, while Jack dined with some of his stuffed animals on a floor mat just inside the door.  It was a pretty unorthodox picnic lunch...with blackberries and apples being the main course and a slice of cheese being the appetizer.  Also, the attire was a little "dressed down."  But the scene was so entertaining.

While I was making dinner, Jack asked if he could take his toy bin outside for a "stand".  I didn't know what he meant by a stand except  I knew I didn't want him standing on it.  He explained that a stand is "something where people give you money and you give them things."  By which I deduced that he wanted it to be a lemonade stand.  Or in this case, an apple stand.  He went to the fridge and got only the best apples out of the bag, asked for a plastic cup for the money and went out to sell.  There weren't too many potential buyers wandering around in our backyard so Casey and I both bought one from him.  When I asked him the price, he said five dollars, which I think is a little pricey for an apple.  He seemed to be content with the 5 coins that I gave him.  Casey also set up a stand and she sold an apple to Jack and to me.  Essentially they sold each other apples for dinner.  By the time Pat came home, the price of an apple was only one dollar.  I'm not sure if I looked like a sucker or he had slashed prices to get rid of his inventory.

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