Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bits & Pieces Tuesday

Random Thoughts on a Tuesday

1.  I feel like I'm constantly saying "Stop!" to my children.  When they start arguing, I don't know what else to say.  The argument usually involves one of them asking "What did you say?" over and over and the other one saying something that doesn't make sense.  They just get louder and louder.  Every time I say, "Stop!" I feel like Kelly from the Real Housewives of NY when she argues with Bethenny...I say it in a whiny voice just like she does.

2.  Casey is doing okay without her gunkles.  She is sleeping fine at night but naptime is a bit of a struggle.  She only sleeps for an hour and she won't put herself back to sleep.  The bus that comes by at 2:30 also doesn't help her stay asleep.  It seems to wake her up every time.

3.  We tried a frozen PF Changs dinner tonight on the recommendation of Pat's mom and it was delicious.  Easy and delicious.

4.  After 6 months of not being able to eat correctly on the left side of my mouth due to issues with fillings, re-fillings and re-fillings, I think it is finally fixed!  Thank goodness I went to see another dentist and didn't end up having a crown or a root canal.

5.  I have a bazillion crafty projects that I want to work on between now and Christmas and it's taking me away from my blogging a little bit.

6.  The funniest thing I saw today - Jack and Casey were playing on their tricycles out on the street corner and I guess they decided to come back up to the garage by going through the grass.  Jack gave Casey a push for about 5 seconds and then she pushed herself over to the driveway.  He then called her over to return the favor and give him a push.  The difference being that he got her to push him all the way across the grass while he basically enjoyed the ride.  At one point, she was down on her hands and knees, in her dress, trying to get more traction and pushing as hard as she could.  What a good little sister!

7.  The travelling is finally over for a bit.  We went to a wedding this weekend in Pittsburgh and had a great time with the exception of the last 3 hours in the car, in the rain with an overtired two year old in the back.  If there had been a gunkle in the car, I might have given in.  She finally dozed but when we got home she was so hysterical and tired and contrary.  I finally had to put her in the crib and leave her because nothing would make her happy.

8.  Casey has a new tactic for when she doesn't get what she wants.  Three little words.  I want Daddy!  Jack never went through that, but as soon as I tell her no, that's her new response.  If she's with Daddy she'll switch it up and say she wants Mommy.  So far it hasn't really helped her cause.

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