Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Casey's Play Time

Since Jack has started school, Casey and I have spent a little more time together at home.  It's been interesting to see what she plays with without Jack's influence.  She definitely likes her "babies."  Even when Jack is around, she has been playing with her babies lately.

Half the time, I'm not even sure what she is doing and what she is saying, but she is taking care of baby and is very serious about it.  She has about 5 of them, but usually picks one or two to take care of per day.  She talks to them, pushes them around in strollers, puts blankets on them, gives them baths and feeds them.  I can't even describe the noises she makes when she is talking to them but it so cute.

Today she had a friend over here playing and she pulled out three of her chairs and set them around the coffee table.  She pulled plates out of her kitchen and set them up.  She put baby in one chair and put food on  all the plates.  Then she yelled, "It's dinner time!" to her friend.  She had to tell him a few times that it was time for dinner and convince him to come over and eat, but he eventually did.  They had a lovely meal.  I believe one of them had a carrot and the other had some asparagus.  Very healthy eaters.  Unfortunately it ended in a huge fight about who was doing the dishes.  Well, not really.  I think they moved on to play with a garbage truck.  I sat here watching them "eat" and I should have taken a picture.

I am a little disappointed that she's not more interested in the dress I made for one of her naked dolls.  The dolls came with bath tub accessories, but no clothes.  She loves playing with the bathrobe and slippers, but has yet to be concerned that they have no clothes on when they are done bathing.  Santa was thinking of making some more clothes, but maybe he'll wait until she's more interested!

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