Saturday, July 24, 2010

Toy of the Month - July 2010

An empty box and a jump rope.  That's all.  Oh, and a good helping of imagination.

We've had a white box similar to this since before Jack was born.  It has been great for storing toys.  It's got wheels so I can throw all the toys in it and then wheel it back into the cabinet.  And then the kids can pull it out the next morning and dump everything back out.  The white one used to have cars and trucks in it until this year when it became the bin for all things girlie...9 pairs of high heeled princess shoes, 2 tutus and headbands, 7 baby dolls and all their accessories.

A few times I looked for another one of those white bins but all I could find was the laundry sized one.  Then, a couple weeks ago in the mecca of Target, I found them in the kids storage aisle, but in pink and blue!  At the time, I had Casey with me and she swayed me to buy pink.  She wanted to get out of the shopping cart and pull that little bin all the way to the front of the store to checkout.  She would have pulled it out to the parking lot and sat with it on her lap if I had let her.

Now, Jack and Casey both had a bin to pull around and they quickly became cars...or trains...or beds with addition of some blankies...or intricate games requiring you to throw quarters through the holes.  They've spent hours playing in them.  The jump rope can pull the car or become a lasso when the cowboys come in town or be a seatbelt during car races.  It's amazing to see what comes out of their minds.

Last night, on another trip to Target, I bought the blue one too.  I'm going to use them on our upcoming trip but then I have grand plans for organization when I get home.

Jack got up this morning and instead of coming into our bedroom, he headed downstairs.  Apparently after getting himself an apple, he went straight to the blue bin and transferred his "seat belt" from the old car to the new one.

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